Helping Others Online

From time to time you may encounter a person who is expressing thoughts of suicide on your social media sites and online games. If someone you know online is showing any of these warning signs, it is important that you post a message encouraging them to reach out for help. If you are friends with the person in real life or know where the person is, call one of the hotline numbers listed here.


  • Discord: This link explains how to report a user on Discord to the Trust and Safety team, then from there you need to email the team at with all the required information from the link.
  • FacebookThis link takes you to an anonymous reporting ticket system to report someone as suicidal on Facebook. You can also support others by learning about Facebook’s new suicide prevention safety feature and how it can help you help a friend.
  • Twitter: Click this link and select “Self-Harm” to send an e-mail to Twitter reporting a suicidal user.
  • MySpace: Click on the “Report Abuse” link that appears at the bottom of every MySpace page and complete the form.
  • YouTube: To report suicidal content, click on the flag icon under a video and select “Harmful Dangerous Acts” and then “Suicide or Self-Injury.” YouTube will then investigate.
  • Tumblr: Click this link to report a suicidal user to Tumblr. You should include as much information as possible, especially the URL of the Tumblr blog.

Contact Safety Teams in Video Games

  • EVE Online: Click this link and then click on “Submit Support Ticket.” Under “Select Type,” choose “Game Play Support.” On the next screen, under “Subject” put “suicidal player”* and under “Category” choose “Stuck” and then “Stuck Character.” Be sure to include any chat logs and as much information about the player character that you can.
  • World of Warcraft: In game, create a trouble ticket and choose “Stuck.” In the title and description, make sure to include the words “suicide” or “suicidal” for the ticket to be flagged for immediate GM notification. Out of game, you can go here on Click on “Web Ticket” to file the ticket, and be sure to include the words “suicide” or “suicidal player” for the ticket to receive proper priority*.

Remember, most game developers have a policy in regards to reports of self-harm and suicide that are utilized through Game Master notification systems. In any game where you believe another player may be in danger of self-harm or suicide, include “red flag” words like “suicide” or “suicidal” to get flagged for priority notification.

* Be advised – abusing the reporting systems by making false reports of self-harm or suicide to harass another player or to get an unrelated ticket to the top of the pile can result in account suspensions, account bans, or even law enforcement in some places.

Do you have another social media, video game or similar program you think should be listed here? Contact us and let us know!

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